Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering Department

Phone: 027-87792151


Academic Areas: Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: solid waste treatment, waste water treatment, advanced oxidation process(AOP), night soil treatment, landfill treatment, research on technical standards, environmental biological technology, environment and recycling economy

Academic Degrees

BA in Environmental Engineering, 1982, Wuhan University.

Professional Experience

Full Professor (2001-present); School of environmental engineering , Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Visiting scholar (1993-1994); Solid waste treatment consultant of WHO, Japan.

Lecturer/Associate Professor (1982-2000); School of environmental engineering,HUST.

Selected Publications

1. Zhuwei Liao,Jia Wang,Rui Wan,Shuang Xi, ZQ Chen, Zhulei Chen*,YingjianYu,Sijie Long, Huabin Wang. Immobilization of Cd in landfill-leachate -contaminated soil with cow manure compost as soil conditioners: a laboratory study. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association.2016,DOI: 10.1080/10962247.2016.1218976

2. Jia Wang, Zhulei Chen*, Lie  Yang, Shuang Xi. (2015) Study on Trends and Performance of Landfill Research from 1999 to 2013 by Using Bibliometric Analysis. Environ. Prog. & Sustain. Energy.2015,34(5):1349-1355.

3. Yong Liu,Lie Yang,Zhulei Chen*, Jia Wang. Research output analysis of landfill gas: a global perspective. Asian Journal of Chemistry.2015, 27(6):2217-2221

4. Yong Liu, Zhulei Chen*, Lie Yang, et,al. Short-term remediation of soil contaminated with landfill leachate using nature and microwave modified zeolite of the clinoptilolite type. Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2015,47, 193-198.

5. Jia Wang,Zhulei Chen*, Lie Yang, Shuang Xi, Yingjian Yu. Analysis of Landfill: A Case of China Asian Journal of Chemistry.2015, 27(6):2189-2194 

6. Lie Yang, Zhulei Chen*, Xiong Zhang, Yanyan Liu, Ying Xie. Comparison study of landfill gas emissions from subtropical landfill with various phases : A case study in Wuhan, China. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association.2015,65(8):980-986.

7. Yingjian Yu,Zhulei Chen*,Zhiyuan Guo,Zhuwei Liao,Lie Yang,Jia Wang,ZQ Chen, Removal ofrefractory contaminants in municipal landfill leachate by hydrogen, oxygen and palladium: A novel approach of hydroxyl radical production,Journal of Hazardous Materials.2015,287:349-355。 

8. Lie Yang, Lizi Han,Zhulei Chen*,Jiabin Zhou,Jia Wang. Growing trend of China’s contribution to haze research. Scientometric.2015,105:525-535.

9. ZQ Chen, Junxia Peng, Lingling Ge, Zhenghe Xu, Demulsifying water-in-oil emulsions by ethyl cellulose demulsifiers studied using focused beam reflectance measurement. Chem. Eng. Sci. 2015, 130, 254

10. Lie Yang, Zhulei Chen*, Ting Liu,Juan Jiang, Beitao Li, Si Chen, Jun Zhang. Soil respiratory and enzyme activities in leachate-contaminated soils with different application rate of cow manure compost: a laboratory study. Environmental Earth Sciences.2014,71, 225-231.

11. Lie Yang, Zhulei Chen* Jinfeng Yang, Yong Liu, Jia Wang, Yingjian Yu, Xiaoming Gao. Removal of volatile fatty acid in landfill leachate by the microwave-hydrothermal method. Desalination and Water Treatment.2014,52:4423-4429.

12. Lie Yang, Zhulei Chen* Ting Liu, Juan Jiang, Beitao Li, Yongmin Cao, Yingjian Yu. Ecological effects of cow manure compost on soils contaminated by landfill leachate. Ecological Indicators, 2013.32,13-18.

13. Lie Yang, Zhulei Chen*,Ting Liu, Zhe Gong, Yingjian Yu, Jia Wang. Global trends of solid waste research from 1997 to 2011 by using bibliometric analysis. Scientometrics, 2013,96,133-146.

14. Lie Yang, Zhulei Chen*, Ting Liu, Rui Wan, Jia Wang, Wengang Xie. Research output analysis of municipal solid waste: a case study of China. Scientometrics, 2013,96,641-650.


The National Natural Science Foundation of China

1. Study on the activation of oxygen and iron species in the high price of Dual Core Bridge in order to control the catalytic oxidation performance.

2. Study on the catalytic oxidation of manganese complex by Lewis acid.

3. Ecological effects and mechanisms of landfill leachate pollution and remediation in red soil.


Technical standards

Technical requirements for collection and recycling of bulky waste GB/T 25175-2010, Standards Press of China.

Technical code for municipal solid waste sanitary landfill GB50869-2013, China Planning Press.

Technical code for municipal solid waste sanitary landfill CJJ 17-2004, China Building Material Industry Publishing House.

Technical guideline for projects of municipal solid waste sanitary landfills RISN-TG014-2012, China Building Material Industry Publishing House.

Code for design of night soil treatment plant CJJ64-2009, China Building Material Industry Publishing House.

Technical specification for operation maintenance and safety of night soil treatment plant CJJ/T30-2009, China Building Material Industry Publishing House.

Standard for assessment of night soil treatment plant CJJ/T211-2014, China Building Material Industry Publishing House.

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