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Academic Areas: Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Air pollution control, Environmental catalytic materials, Carbon emission reduction, Discharge plasma technology

Academic Degrees

Bachelor in Geochemistry, 1987, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan;

Master in Environmental Engineering, 2000, Wuhan University of technology;

PhD in High-Voltage Technology and Insulation, 2005, HUST

Professional Experience

Subdecanal, Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, HUST;

Department head, Department of Environment Engineering, HUST;

Director, Research Institution of Atmospheric Environment Protection and Pollution Control, HUST;

Deputy Director, Research Institution of Ecological Energy, HUST

Selected Publications

1.Liu Li, Hu hui#. Chemical Characteristics, Sources and Health Impacts of Urban Ambient PM2.5 in WUHAN During The Chinese Spring Festival Pollution Episode[J]. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 2015, 24(11): 3853-3864.

2.Hu hui, Huang Hao, Xu Jie. N2O decomposed by discharge plasma with catalysts[J]. Plasma Science and Technology, 2015, 17(12): 1043-1047.

3.Hui Hu, Fang Li, Qi Xia, Xiaodan Li, Li Liao, Maohong Fan. Research on influencing factors and mechanism of CO2 absorption by poly-amino-based ionic liquids.International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. 2014, 31: 33–40

4.Jinli Zhang, Hui Hu#, JieXu, Gaoming Wu, ZhaoweiZeng. N2O decomposition over K/Na-promoted Mg/Zn-Ce-cobalt mixed oxides catalysts. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2014, 26:1437-13.

5.Jinli Zhang, Shuang Wu,Hui Hu#, Gaoming Wu, ZhaoweiZeng. N2O Decomposition over K-Ca Promoted Co-M-Al Mixed Oxide Catalysts Prepared from Hydrotalcite-like Precursors.Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014, 27(2): 233-239.

6.Hui Hu,JinLi Zhang ,Wenchao Wang ,Xi Lu. Experimental and mechanism studies on the catalytic reduction of SO2 by CO over Fe2O3/r-Al2O3 in the presence of H2O.Reac Kinet Mech Cat. 2013,110:359-371.

7.HU hui, CHEN Wei-peng, LU Xi, HE Jun-jia, LI Jin. Influence of Plasma temperature on concentration of producing NO by Pulsed Arc discharge plasma[J]. Plasma Science and Technology, 2012,14(3):257-262.

8.Hui Hu , Xi Lu, Feng Wang, Junjia He, Jin Li, Maohong Fan. Activated Carbon Based Selective Purification of Medical Grade NO Starting From Arc Discharge Method[J]. CARBON. 2011, 49:2197-2205.

9.YANG Qi, HU ,Hui#, CHEN Weipeng, XU Jie, ZHANG Jin Li, WU Shuang. The main plasma chemical process of production of nitric oxide by arc discharge[J]. Plasma Science and Technology, 2011, 13(6):702-707.

10.Hui Hu, Qi Yang, Xi Lu, Wenchao Wang, Shanshan Wang, Maohong Fan. Air Pollution and Control in Different Areas of China[J]. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. 2010, 40( 6): 452-518.


1.Doctoral Fund of Colleges and Universities:Study on the relationship between the surface groups of activated carbon and its high selective adsorption (Person in charge, NO.20110142110065, 2012-2014);

2. The National Science and Technology Support: Research on the bio gas purification technology equipment and its application of urban public transportation system (First man to accomplish, NO.2012BAC18B00, 2012-2014);

3. The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program): Control technology and demonstration of multi pollutant in sintering flue gas of iron and steel: sub topic - Study on the formation mechanism of main pollutants in sintering process (Person in charge of sub topic, NO.2012AA062501, 2012-2014);

4. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Optimal discharge conditions of medical nitric oxide synthesized by pulsed discharge plasma (Person in charge, NO.50677026, 2007-2009);

5. Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province: Study on simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification using magnetic field synergy rare earth complexes (Person in charge, NO.2009CDB246, 2010-2011);

6. Project of Hubei provincial environmental protection department: Cause analysis and research of Wuhan City haze phenomenon (Person in charge, NO.2012HB05, 2012-2013);

7. Project of Hubei provincial environmental protection department: Study on evaluation method of air fine particulate matter pollution control in Hubei Province (Person in charge, NO.2014.1-2015.6);

8. Science and technology special Project of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau in 2015:Study on the application of high efficiency in purification of volatile organic waste gas using discharge plasma associated with biology (Person in charge, NO.2015060101010068, 2015-2016);

9. Major science and technology project of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau in 2013: Study on origin and source of haze in Wuhan City (Person in charge of sub topics, 2013.7-2015.6);

10. Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau: Hubei motor vehicle detection method and standard setting (Person in charge, 2015.11-2017.6);

11. Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau: Planning of vehicle pollution emission prevention and control in Wuhan City (2013-2015) (Person in charge);

12. Jianghan District Environmental Protection Bureau of Wuhan:Analysis of PM10 source of atmospheric particulate matter in Jianghan District and its prevention and Cure Countermeasures (Person in charge, 2016.5-2016.12);

13. Dongxihu District Environmental Protection Bureau of Wuhan: Study on the origin of atmospheric PM2.5 and its countermeasures and prevention on Wujiashan area, Dongxihu district (Person in charge, 2013.10-2014.6);

14. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Environmental Monitoring Station: Identification and selection of volatile organic compounds in Dushanzi Petrochemical area (Person in charge, 2013-2014);

15. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Environmental Monitoring Station: Early warning analysis of atmospheric environmental quality in Xinjiang (Person in charge, 2013-2015);

16. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Environmental Monitoring Station: Early warning analysis of surface water environmental quality in Xinjiang (Person in charge, 2013-2015);

17. Dongguan science and technology project: Guide for air quality of underground space in Dongguan City (Person in charge, 2013-2015);

18. Dongguan science and technology project: Study on the formation mechanism of particulate matter in the atmosphere of Dongguan City (Person in charge, NO.2011108102040, 2011-2013);

19. Dongguan science and technology project: Study on the formation mechanism of Dongguan city regional haze weather (Person in charge, NO.2011108102040, 2012-2013);

20. Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau Shilong Branch: Dongguan Shilong Town, "13th Five-Year" atmospheric environmental protection planning (2016-2020) (Person in charge, 2015.10-2016.6);

21. Independent innovation fund of Huazhong University of Science and Technology: Study on the preparation of the immobilized multi amine based ionic liquid and the mechanism of CO2 absorption (Person in charge, 2014.7-2015.12);

22. Key cross fund of Huazhong University of Science and Technology:Biomass high temperature science and low carbon technology (Person in charge, 2016.1-2017.12);

23. Wuhan Optics Valley Environmental Protection Technologies CO, Ltd:Research of wet flue gas desulfurization cooperative demercuration Technology with limestone and gypsum (Person in charge, 2014.8-2016.7);

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