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Academic Areas: Environmental engineering

Research Interests: Advanced oxidation process (AOP), Electrochemical sensing for environmental monitoring, Resource recovery of solid waste as environmental and energy storage functional materials

Dr Jingping Hu is a professor of environmental engineering at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and is chairing FunMat Laboratory. His research largely focuses on advanced oxidation process (AOP) for wastewater treatment, electrochemical sensing for environmental monitoring, resource recovery of solid waste as environmental functional materials. He has been published more 40 papers in several leading international journals, including Adv. Mat., Angew Chem, Anal. Chem.

He was awarded the prestigious Newton Abraham studentship at Lincoln College and received his D.Phil from the University of Oxford (2004-2008). After graduation he was awarded as Sir William Ramsay Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford. In late 2013, Dr Hu was awarded the prestigious Chinese “Young Thousand Talents Programme“, and joined the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan China in January 2014.

He also serves as the vice-president of the Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK (CSCST-UK), the co-founder to initiate Oxford Forum of Science and Technology (OXFOST). He serves as member of editorial board for Journal “Advances in Chemistry” and “Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology”. He also serves as a regular reviewer for Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Physica Status Solidi (c), Analytica Chimica Acta, International Journal of Nano Manufacturing (IJNM), Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy (MRSE), and Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering. He is also a member of International Water Association (IWA), member of Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and member of Materials Research Society (MRS).

Academic Degrees

1998-2002        B.Sc. in Materials Science, Fudan University

2002-2004        M.S.E in Materials Science and Engineering, Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel

2004-2008        D.Phil. in Physical Chemistry, University of Oxford, attached to Lincoln College

Professional Experience

2008           Postdoctoral research associate, University of Nottingham

2008-2011      Postdoctoral research assistant, University of Oxford

2011 – 2014     Sir William Ramsay Fellow in Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford

2013 – present   Professor in School of Environmental Science and Engineering, HUST

Supported by the prominent Thousand Young Talents Scheme in China

Awards and Honors

a. 2014, Young Thousand Talents Programme, Organization Department of CPC

b. 2011-2014, Sir William Ramsay Fellowship, University of Oxford and Ramsay Memorial Fellowships Trust

c. 2004-2008, Newton Abraham studentship, University of Oxford and Edward Penley Abraham Research Fund

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