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Academic Areas: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Research Interests: Ground source heat pump technology; Energy audit and retrofit of buildings; Operation optimization of HVAC systems.

Academic Degrees

PhD in in Engineering thermalphysics.  2007, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST),China,;

Master of Engineering in Engineering thermalphysics. 1989, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China,;

Bachlor of Engineering in Fluid Machinery, 1983, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Professional Experience

Professor (2012-present); School of Environmental Science. & Engineering, HUST

Associate Professor (1998-2012); Department of Environmental Engineering,Wuhan Urban Construction Institute; School of Environmental Science. & Engineering, HUST;  

Lecture (1988-1998); Department of Power, HUST; Department of Environmental Engineering, Wuhan Urban Construction Institute

Selected Publications

1、 Weijuan Sun, Pingfang Hu, Fei Lei, Na Zhu, Zhangning Jiang, Case study of performance evaluation of ground source heat pump, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2015, 87( 5 ): 586–594

2、 Pingfang Hu,Jing Zha,Fei Lei,Na Zhu,Tianhua Wu,A composite cylindrical model and its application in analysis of thermal response and performance for energy pile,Energy and Buildings,2014,84:324-332

3、 Pingfang Hu,Zhongyi Yu,Na Zhu,Fei Lei,Xudong Yuan,Performance study of a ground heat exchanger based on the multipole theory heat transfer model,Energy and Buildings,2013,65:231-241

4、 Pingfang Hu,Qingfeng Meng,Qiming Sun,Na Zhu,Changsheng Guan,A method and case study of thermal response test with unstable heat rate,Energy and Buildings,2012,48(5):199-205

5、 Na Zhu,Pingfang Hu,Wei Wang,Jianming Yu,Fei Lei,Performance analysis of ground water-source heat pump system with improved control strategies for building retrofit,Renewable Energy,2015,80:324-330

6、 Jing Yang,Linghong Xu,Pingfang Hu,Na Zhu,Study on intermittent operation strategies of a hybrid ground-source heat pump system with double-cooling towers for hotel buildings,Energy and Buildings,2014,76(6):506-512

7、 Na Zhu,Pingfang Hu,Linghong Xu,Zhangning Jiang,Fei Lei,Recent research and applications of ground source heat pump integrated with thermal energy storage systems: A review,Applied Thermal Engineering,2014,71(1):142-151

8、 Lei Fei,Hu Pingfang,Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Ground Water Heat Pump System,Physics Procedia,2012,24:169-175。

9、 Lei Fei,Hu Pingfang,Sun Qiming,Jiang Zhangning,Field evaluation of a ground-coupled heat pump in hot-summer and cold-winter regions,Journal of Chongqing University (English Edition),2011,10(4):24-28。 

10、Fei Lei, Pingfang Hu, Na Zhu, Tianhua Wu, Periodic heat flux composite model for borehole heat exchanger

and its application. Applied Energy 2015,151 (8): 132–142

11、 Na Zhu,Yu Lei,Pingfang Hu,Zhangning Jiang,Fei Lei,Optimal design of ground source heat pump system integrated with phase change cooling storage tank in an office building,14th International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations,Beijing,2014.9.14-2014.9.17。

12、 Pingfang Hu,Long Kang,Tianhua Wu,Fei Lei,Na Zhu,Zhongyi Yu,Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Heat Extraction Rate of Ground Heat Exchangers,11th REHVA World Congress and the 8th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings,Prague,2013.6.16-2013.6.19

13、 Na Zhu,Pingfang Hu,Jianming Yu,A case study of building retrofit using ground source heat pump technology,APEC Conference on Low-carbon Towns and Physical Energy Storage,Changsha,209-215,2013.5.25-2013.5.26

14、 Pingfang Hu,Qingfeng Meng,Qiming Sun,Fei Lei,An analytical method of uncertainty in the test of ground thermal properties,The 10th International Energy Agency Heat Pump Conference 2011. Tokyo, 2011.,2011.7.27-2011.8.31

15、 Pingfang Hu,Qiming Sun,Fei Lei,Qingfeng Meng,Lei Hu,Zhongyi Yu,The Influencing Factor on Test of Parameter of the Rock-Soil Thermal Properties,Proceedings 2011 International Conference on Computer Distributed Control and Intelligent Environmental Monitoring (CDCIEM2011),,2318-2322,Changsha,2010.12.4-2010.12.6

Courses Taught

Engineering Thermodynamics

New Technology in HVAC

Built Environment

Modern Technology in HVAC


1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51078160) : The study of the uncertainty of ground thermal properties based on ground source heat pump,2011-2013(2011-2013)

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China No. 51678262) :The collaborative optimization of ground source heat pump and radiation terminal and thermal environment in buildings,2017-2020 (2017-2020)

3. Hubei Science and Technology Support Project (No. 2014BAA137). The study and demonstration on key technology on testing, optimization and construction of ground source heat pump (2014-2016)

4. Zhejiang Science and Technology Plan Project (No. 2014C33064), Study on the energy conservation technology of ground source heat pump, air source heat pump and radiation terminal hybrid system. (2014-2016)  

5. The Wuhan city construction committee Science and Technology Plan Project (No.201838): Study on technology system on diagnosis of energy saving of public buildings in Wuhan. (2015-2016)  

6. National sci-tech support plan(PBG200701):The demonstration engineering of combination of renewable energy and buildings of Hubei Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau comprehensive laboratory. (2007-2009)  


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