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Academic Areas: Water and Wastewater Treatment

Research Interests: New theories and technologies of water supply and wastewater engineering,Wastewater and sludge recycling,Theories and methods of urban healthy water cycle.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering,2000,HUST;

M.S. in Environmental Engineering,1988

Professional Experience

Professor (2000-present),School of Environmental Science and Engineering,HUST;

Executive vice-president (2000-2014),School of Environmental Science and Engineering,HUST;

Associate Professor (1993-2000),School of Environmental Science and Engineering,HUST.

Lecture (1988-1993),Water Supply and Drainage Engineering,Wuhan College of urban construction.

Selected Publications

[1] Huayong Luo, Qin Wang, Tian C. Zhang, Tao Tao, Aijiao Zhou, Lin Chen, Xufeng Bie, A review on the recovery methods of draw solutes in forward osmosis, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 2014, 4: 212-223

[2] Xiaonan Feng, Yong Chen, Yuan Fang, Xiaoyue Wang, Zongping Wang, Tao Tao, Yuegang Zuo, Photodegradation of parabens by Fe(III)-citrate complexes at circumneutral pH: matrix effect and reaction mechanism, Science of The Total Environment, 2014, 472: 130-136

[3] Jingwen Yu, Mingxia Zheng, Tao Tao, Jiane Zuo, Kaijun Wang, Waste activated sludge treatment based on temperature staged and biologically phased anaerobic digestion system, Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2013, 25(10): 2056-2064

[4] Zongping Wang, Zizheng Liu, Fang Yu, Jingping Zhu, Tao Tao, Siderophore-modified Fenton-like system for the degradation of propranolol in aqueous solutions at near neutral pH values, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2013, 229: 177-182

[5] Yong Chen, Hong Li, Zongping Wang, Huijie Li, Tao Tao, Yuegang Zuo, Photodegradation of selected β-blockers in aqueous fulvic acid solutions: Kinetics, mechanism, and product analysis, Water Research, 2012, 46(9): 2965–2972

[6] Xiaonan Feng, Zongping Wang, Yong Chen, Tao Tao, Feng Wu, Yuegang Zuo, Effect of Fe(III)/citrate concentrations and ratio on the photoproduction of hydroxyl radicals: Application on the degradation of diphenhydramine, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2012, 51(20): 7007-7012

[7] Xiaonan Feng, Zongping Wang, Yong Chen, Tao Tao, Feng Wu, Multivariate-parameter optimization for photodegradation of tetracycline by Fe(III)-citrate complexes at near neutral pH, Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2012, 138(8): 873-879

[8] Aijiao Zhou, Tao Tao, X. Wei, T. C. Zhang, Effets of operating coditions on performence of a decenttralized MBR system for wasterwater reclamation, Chapter 14 in Membrane Technology and Environmental Applications T. C. Zhang, R. Y. Surampalli, S. Vigneswaran, R. D. Tyagi, S. L. Ong and C. M. Kao,(eds.), ASCE publications, 20000 words,2012

[9] Wei Jiang, Tao Tao, Zhizheng Liu, Zhiming Liao. The study on the migration and distribution of heavy metals in soils. 5th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, iCBBE 2011, 2011, 5th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, iCBBE 2011.

[10] Du Jing, Tao Tao. An improved recurrent support vector regression algorithm for water quality prediction. Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2011,7(12): p 4455-4462.

[11] Wang Zong-ping, Huang Li-zhi, Tao Tao, et al. Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Combined Photooxidation and Biological Anaerobic-aerobic Method. 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering iCBBE 2009.

[12] Jie Fan,Tao Tao, ZongPing Wang, Guilin You. Performance evaluation of a modified anaerobic/anoxic/oxic (A2/O) process treating low strength wastewater.Desalination. 2009,249(2): p 822-827.

[13] Fan Luo, Tao Tao, Feng Luo, Wei Cheng. Demulsification of emulsion under high voltage pulsed electric fields. 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering. iCBBE 2009.

[14] Jun Li, Tao Tao, Xuebin Li, Jiaolan Zuo; Tong Li, Jin Lu, Shuhui Li, Lizhen Che, Chunyang Xia , Yong Liu, Yanli Wang. A spectrophotometric method for determination of chemical oxygen demand using home-made reagents. Desalination. 2009, 238( 1-3): 139-145.

Awards and Honors

Outstanding contributions to be the middle-aged and young experts of Hubei Province,1997


Courses Taught

Water Pollution Control Technology and Theory


The National Science and Technology Program Water Project, Assessment and demonstration of water pollution prevention and control technology involved in the industry of cotton spinning, wool spinning, chemical fiber dyeing and finishing along the basin of Taihu Lake”.(2009.1-2011.12)


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