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Academic Areas: Sewage treatment theory and technology; Drinking water safety theory and technology.

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees

09/2005 – Professor, School of Environmental Science & Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

09/2000 – 06/2003 Ph.D, Environmental Science & Engineering, Wuhan University

09/1996 – 06/1999 M.A, Municipal Engineering, Wuhan Institute of Urban Construction

09/1988 – 07/1992 B.S, Water Supply & Sewerage Science and Engineering, Wuhan Institute of Urban Construction







Selected Publications

1) Pengchao Xie, Charles-Francois de Lannoy, Jun Ma*, Zongping Wang, Songlin Wang, Jingjing Li, Mark R. Wiesner**, Improved  chlorine tolerance of a polyvinyl pyrrolidone-polysulfone membrane enabled by carboxylated carbon nanotubes. Water Research. 2016, 104, 497-506. (SCI, EI  IF=5.991)

2) Zongping Wang, Yiqun Chen, Pengchao Xie*, Ran Shang**, Jun Ma. Removal of Microcystis aeruginosa by UV-activated persulfate: Performance and characteristics, Chemical Engineering Journal, 300(2016), 245-253.

3) Yiqun Chen, Mengying Xiao, Zongping Wang*, Wei Jiang, Yizhou Guo, Zizheng Liu, Oxidation of amitriptyline and nortriptyline by ferrate(VI): efficiency and reaction pathways, Desalination and Water Treatment, 57(2016), 12882-12890.

4) Zongping Wang*, Yizhou Guo, Yiqun Chen, Shengwen Liang, Jiaolan Zuo, Xiaowen Yu, Simulated Sunlight Enhanced X3B Degradation by Persulfate Activated with Steel Slag, Journal of Environmental Engineering, 142(2016), 04015048.

5) Pengchao Xie, Yiqun Chen, Jun Ma, Xiang Zhang, Jing Zou, Zongping Wang*, A mini review of preoxidation to improve coagulation, Chemosphere, 155(2016), 550-563.

6) Yiqun Chen, Ya Xiong, Zongping Wang*, Yong Chen, Guomeng Chen, Zizheng Liu, UV/ferrate(VI) oxidation of profenofos: efficiency and mechanism, Desalination and Water Treatment, 55(2015), 506-513.

7) Jun Wang, Huijie Li, Yong Chen, Yuan Fang, Zongping Wang, Tao Tao, Yuegang Zuo, Comparative characterisation of two fulvic acids from East Lake and Liangzi Lake in central China, Environmental Chemistry, 12(2015), 189-197.

8) Zongping Wang, Yizhou Guo, Zizheng Liu*, Xiaonan Feng, Yiqun Chen, Tao Tao, Catechin as a new improving agent for a photo-Fenton-like system at near-neutral pH for the removal of Inderal, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 14(2015), 473-480.

9) Yiqun Chen, Fang Yu, Shengwen Liang, Zongping Wang*, Zizheng Liu, Ya Xiong, Utilization of solar energy in sewage sludge compositing: Fertilizer effect and application, Waste Management, 34(2014), 2014-2021.

10) Danna Zhou, Yao Wu, Xiaonan Feng, Yong Chen, Zongping Wang*, Tao Tao, Dongbin Wei, Photodegradation of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) by Fe(III) complexes/H2O2 under simulated sunlight, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21(2014), 6228-6233.

11) Zizheng Liu, Zongping Wang*, Yong Chen, Bo Luo, Miaomiao Xue, Tao Tao, multivariate analysis for photodegradation of propranolol in uv-vis/enhanced fenton system at circumneutral pH, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 23(2014), 2059-2067.

12) Xiaonan Feng, Yong Chen, Yuan Fang, Xiaoyue Wang, Zongping Wang*, Tao Tao, Yuegang Zuo, Photodegradation of parabens by Fe(III)-citrate complexes at circumneutral pH: Matrix effect and reaction mechanism, Science of Total Environment, 472(2014), 130-136.

13) Yong Chen, Qi Liang, Danna Zhou, Zongping Wang*, Tao Tao, Yuegang Zuo, Photodegradation kinetics, products and mechanism of timolol under simulated sunlight, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 252(2013), 220-226.

14) Zongping Wang*, Zizheng Liu, Fang Yu, Jingping Zhu, Yong Chen, Tao Tao, Siderophore-modified Fenton-like system for the degradation of propranolol in aqueous solutions at near neutral pH values, Chemical Engineering Journal, 229(2013),177-182

15) Yong Chen , Hong Li , Zongping Wang* , Huijie Li , Tao Tao , Yuegang Zuo,Photodegradation of selected b -blockers in aqueous fulvic acid solutions: Kinetics, mechanism, and product analysis,Water Research, 46 (2012) 2965-2972

16) Xiaonan Feng, Zongping Wang*,Yong Chen,*Tao Tao, Feng Wu, and Yuegang Zuo Effect of Fe(III)/Citrate Concentrations and Ratio on the Photoproduction of Hydroxyl Radicals: Application on the degradation of Diphenhydramine,Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,51, 7007− 7012,2012

17) Xiaonan Feng, Zong-ping Wang, Yong Chen*, Tao Tao, Feng Wu,Multivariate-parameter optimization for photodegradation of tetracycline by Fe(III)-citrate complexes at near neutral pH, Journal of Environmental Engineering, 138(8), 873-879, 2012

18) Yong Chen , Zizheng Liu , Zongping Wang*, Miaomiao Xue, Xianchen Zhu, Tao Tao, Photodegradation of propranolol by Fe(III)-citrate complexes: Kinetics, mechanism and effect of environmental media,Journal of Hazardous Material, 194(11),  202-208,  2011

Courses Taught

Water Quality Engineering, New Techniques of Water Supply and Drainage in Building, Water Engineering Economics, Experiment and Scientific Method of Hydraulic Engineering



Synergistic Removal of Algae and Organic Pollutants in Drinking Water by Sulfate Radical Technology (Grant No. 51578259), 2015-2018;

Study on Photochemical Conversion Mechanism of Pollutants in Water Coexisting with Ferric Ion in Microbial Ferric Carrier, (Grant No. ), 2010-2013.

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