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Academic Areas: Electrochemical Engineering for Energy and Environment

Research Interests:

Dr. Xu Wu obtained his PhD degree at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, supervised by electrochemist Prof. Keith Scott. He then became a postdoc at Newcastle University for two years. Then he had another two years postdoc experience at Imperial College London, before he became a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. His research background on electrochemical engineering includes polymer electrolyte fuel cells, water electrolysers, electroplating, and photo-electrochemical cells, in terms of catalysts synthesis, ion conductors, devices fabrication, modelling, and in-situ electrochemical measurements. He has contributed more than 40 journal publications in core journals such as Journal of Power Sources. His research interests are about R&D of electrochemical engineering for energy and environment, including 

  • electrolysers for the power to gas technology;
  • spent lithium ion battery recycling;
  • next generation lead acid battery;
  • electrodeposition for metal recovery from solid wastes;
  • fuel cells and flow batteries;
  • pollutant control electrochemical engineering;
  • ......

Academic Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy

Selected Publications

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Awards and Honors

Professor Xu Wu is sponsored by the 12th Thousands Talent Program of China

Courses Taught

Solid Waste Management

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